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Group Pitching Preparation Program

“Our goal is to correct physical and mechanical deficiencies.  Each athlete should be a healthier and more effective pitcher after completing this program.”


Question: How do I sign up for this program?


AnswerStep 1 – Get a group of 4 participants together.  Step 2 – Register and pay $125 per player to the Homerun Club.  Step 3 – Pay $55 per player at Barren Ridge Physical Therapy and get evaluated. Step 4 – Start program at the Homerun Club.


Question: What will be done during this program?



1)      This clinic will begin with a comprehensive evaluation at Barren Ridge Physical Therapy. Barren Ridge will test for flexibility, strength, and control.

2)      Barren Ridge will implement corrective exercises to fix the deficiencies found in the evaluation.

3)      Mondays and Wednesdays the group will come to the Homerun Club for Pitching Mechanic work.  They will be given rotator cuff workouts and drills to be done at home.

4)      Tuesdays and Thursdays the group will come to the Homerun Club to work with the physical therapist on corrective exercises.

5)      At the end of 5 weeks the players will return to Barren Ridge Physical Therapy for a follow up evaluation.


Question: What is the total cost for this program?


Answer:  $125 to the Homerun Club for 5 weeks of training

$55 to Barren Ridge Physical Therapy for two evaluations


Question: Is there an option to come less than 4 times a week?


Answer: Yes.  Groups can complete this program by coming to the Homerun Club twice a week.  Choosing this option would require the group to work with both their pitching coach and therapist every time they come.  When choosing the 2 day a week option the group’s homework would become extremely important to achieve their desired result.


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